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Wentylatory WENTECH Sp. z o.o.
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CNC machining

Developing the production of FRP laminate products we improved pattern production process thanks to the investment in five axis CNC mill which allows production of ultimately precise full scale patterns in wood, styrofoam and many others. Thanks to the scanning probe we can enter the shape of any molding.

Range of operation:

X axis: 3000 mm

Y axis: 5000 mm

Z axis: 1200 mm

obrobka cnc

Our employees are highly trained in the field of CNC mill maintenance and NC code generating which results in patterns made of MDF (or other materials) based on documentation or scanning.

At the design level we use mainly edgecam and pccam software. Our partners can always rely on our assistance - every single project is thoroughly analysed in order to find the most optimal solution.

If you are interesed in our CNC machining offer, please visit our website:


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