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In order to improve the quality of our products and services our factory was equipped with high-class Schenck balancing machine. It allows balancing in any class according to ISO 1940. It is also possible to determine the centre of gravity in two planes. 

Our highly qualified, experienced personnel ensures high standards of balancing. We can design the whole process of balancing in order to meet almost every requirement.

We offer balancing and centre of gravity determination for the following parts:

  • Drive shafts and couplings
  • All types of impellers (radial, axial and diagonal)
  • Water and air turbine impellers (radial, axial and diagonal)
  • Industrial mixer impellers
  • Axle sets for various types of transport
  • Grinding wheels

Dynamic balancing machine (horizontal) allows static balancing (single plane) and dynamic balancing (two planes) of any rotating and non-rotating part

Dynamic, horizontal balancing machine characteristic:

  • Maximum diameter of balanced part: 2200mm
  • Maximum width of balanced part: 800mm (along the rotation axis)
  • Possible balancing of slim parts (drive shafts) up to 5500mm (max diameter 1400mm). 
  • Max weight of the balanced part - 1500 kg (even mass distribution)
  • Minimum weight of the balanced part - 10kg
  • The parts are balanced in bearings of the balancing machine - thus it may be important to use a provisional shaft  
  • The balancing machine is equipped with shafts of diameters from 38 mm to 160 mm. Other diameters are also possible.
  • The minimum dimensions of the balanced part have to be agreed on
  • After the balancing process the certificate authorised by Schenck is issued

 wywazarka dynamiczna

Dynamic, horizontal balancing machine at work. (axial fan impeller 1836mm) 

Stationary, vertical balancing machine - allows balancing of any rotational and non-rotational part and centre of gravity determination for any element i two horizontal axes (X and Y) with 1mm accuracy. 


Stationary, vertical balancing machine characteristic:

  • Max measurements of balanced part: 5000 mm.
  • Max width of balanced part: 2000mm
  • Max weight of the balanced part must not exceed 1500 kg.
  • Minimum weight of the balanced part: 1,0 kg.
  • The balanced part does not have to be rotational
  • After the balancing process a certificate authorised by Schenck is issued


wywazarka pionowa

Stationary, vertical balancing machine

tarcza wirnika

20000mm impeller hub prepared for balancing

lopaty wirnika

20000 mm impeller blades
were balanced on stationary baklancing machine

smukly wal

 5000 mm drive shaft balanced on dynamic balancing machine.


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